JC Racing

Ratios: Type 188


This is the most common of BMW differentials, unfortunatly now not fitted to any current models

More commonly known as the 6 bolt diff dur to the 6x M8 bolts retaining the output bearing housings

Usally fitted to:


3 Series from E21 to E36 M3 3.0L

E30 M3 DTM and Gp.A


With a huge range of available ratios from as tall as 2.56:1 right down to 5.44:1 this is the diff that can suit everyones needs

The only drawback to this differential is its size - they can only usually handle up to around 340bhp, and the taller the ratio the stronger they are

Rally applications are suggested at no more than 240bhp

Most ratios down to 4.44:1 can be found in production cars

If deemed to be in good condition by JCRacing, customer supplied ratios can be fitted into your differential 


Fitting prices start at approx £200 + vat

Individual ratio prices vary - please call for a more accurate price




Price: £ 680.00