JC Racing

Overhaul Kits


Differential overhaul kits consist of all the parts required to refresh your diff

Usually consisting of bearings, oil seals, fill drain bungs, dust covers, gaskets where required


Type 168 (E30&E36 >320i)

Type 168K (E46 >320i 2.0L)

Type 168KL (E46 WTCC&ETCC 2004/2005)

Type 168L (E90 320si WTCC, E81 E87 E88 E90 E92 >2.0L)  


Type 188* (E30 325i + M3, E36 325i + M3 3,0l Gr.N)

Type 188DTM (M3 Gr.A and DTM, E36 M3 3,0l Gr.A)

Type 188STC (E36 STC >1993)

Type 188K (E46 320i 2,2l > 330i)

Type 188L (E86 Coupé Option >04/2006; E87 E90)

Type 188LW (E86/E87/E90 >2008)


Type 210 (E28, E31,E34, E36 3.2L)

Type 210K (E46 M3 inc CSL, Z4M)

Type 215 (E90 E92 M3)

Type 230 (F10 F12 M5/M6)


Most kits are around £250.00 but please contact for your specific requirments


Price: £ 250.00