JC Racing

Trackdays are becoming increasingly popular as a means of enjoying your car in a safe and controlled environment.


Many drivers want to modify their vehicle in order to get the most from it - and themselves - whenever on track. Using our experience, JCRacing can advise on the most effective ways of improving a cars performance on track, whilst maintaining levels of comfort and practicality on the road.


Optimizing performance through wheel and tyre, suspension or brake upgrades, will offer great benefits and allow you to go faster, safer. Our own range of engine upgrade packages can be tailored to your needs and installed by our on site experts.


Differential upgrades are possiably the most cost effective way of improving a cars on track performance.


If you feel you dont want to compromise your daily driver for the needs of a trackday car, JCRacing also have a range of vehicles that are ready to rent with flexiable packages to suit your needs. Corporate packages are also available with driver tuition on offer - fantastic for doing business whilst entertaining clients and also honing your driving skills.